Fire Suppression Systems Dublin

Fire suppression systems use a combination of wet agents and or dry chemicals to suppress fires when a fire has been detected in a building.

TopTech Fire & Security install fire suppression systems in Dublin that help protect areas which may be left unattended for periods of time. This rapid response method ensures fires are unable to develop due to the automatic or manual release of fire extinguishing substances.

Most commonly, a fire suppression system will have built-in components that are able to detect a fire at the beginning, such as heat and smoke detectors.

We have over 30 years' of experience in installing fire suppression systems in Dublin for a diverse range of clients who need to protect working and living environments.

Whether your building requires automatic gas suppression systems or high-pressure water mist systems, TopTech Fire & Security will install the appropriate solution for your particular requirements.

TopTech Fire & Security
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Fire Suppression Systems Can Help To Protect

  • Electronic equipment rooms

  • IT server rooms

  • Kitchens

  • Storage units

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a fire suppression system last?

    Typical wet systems start to fail in 15-25 years while dry systems can last anything between 8-12 years. TopTech Fire & Security provide a comprehensive installation and maintenance service to ensure all systems are performing optimally.

  • Are fire suppression systems suitable for commercial kitchens and restaurants?

    Yes. Installing fire suppression systems in your restaurant will ensure your building is protected against the threat of flash fires due to the use of open flames, cooking fuels and high temperatures. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.