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CCTV security systems have become extremely popular as they are a great way to use security cameras to extend your vision of your property and keep it safe. When you call on TopTech Fire & Security for CCTV, our expert team will visit your premises to take a detailed survey and design a security system that will cover all the bases. Once we have finished the design, we are able to implement this and install CCTV security cameras around your property.

To help create a safe and secure workplace or home, our team uses a mix of video cameras, on-site video monitoring, integrated video solutions, intrusion trace, and video analytics. We install, monitor, and maintain both IP CCTV systems and HD CCTV systems.

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Here at TopTech Fire & Security, we have a state of the art internal CCTV monitoring system that enables us to detect legitimate threats. We customise our security surveillance protocols to accommodate and work with different software.

We work with many different clients from residential to retail properties and construction sites to car parks and warehouses. As well, our team is more than capable to perform regular system health checks, remote system reboots, and remote user playback support.


Our team is able to maintain all types of CCTV systems in both domestic and commercial properties, no matter if it’s a standalone, integrated or a video analytic CCTV system. Depending on your needs and contract type, we provide at least one preventative maintenance visit per year.

Maintenance includes:

  • Checking that the system is fully functioning

  • Checking all integrated equipment

  • Testing of PIR’s or analytics – where applicable

  • Checking of the main and backup power supply

  • Checking all signalling devices – if applicable

  • Checking of the image quality

  • Adjusting and focusing cameras as needed

  • Cleaning of the cameras housing and lens

  • Checking the recordings

  • Reporting any findings

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  • How much do your CCTV monitoring services cost?

    The cost of CCTV monitoring services will depend on what type of contract you have with us. To discuss the different types of contracts we have, please give us a call.

  • I am looking for CCTV security cameras near me. Where are you located?

    Our base is located in Foxrock, Dublin 18. However, we are proud to offer our services to customers throughout the whole of Ireland.