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Disabled Refuge System

A disabled refuge system is a monitored, battery-backed system that is designed to assist the physically impaired, wheelchair users, pregnant women and any individual in need of assistance when evacuating a building.

TopTech Fire & Security install and maintain disabled refuge systems in non-residential buildings with more than one storey to allow for easy communication between fire rescue teams and the general public.

In every building where a disabled refuge system is present, a designated refuge area will provide a space for individuals to wait for help during the evacuation of a building - such as during a fire.

The occupier of a disabled refuge area and the individuals operating the building control panel will be able to easily communicate by way of a two-way hands-free intercom style system.

We install Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) Systems that have been specifically designed to meet the rising demand for fully compliant BS 5839 Part 9 disabled refuge systems.


Our team are able to maintain every disabled refuge system in your building and will ensure that all of our work conforms to current BS 5839 Standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a disabled refuge system?

    A disabled refuge system allows disabled or mobility impaired people to communicate with firefighters through a voice communication system when evacuating buildings during emergencies.