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Keep escape routes safe by installing smoke control systems.


AOV Smoke Ventilation

TopTech Fire & Security install smoke control systems for multi-storey residential and public buildings throughout Ireland.

An AOV smoke vent is designed to protect stairways and to assist individuals escape buildings via stairways in the event of a fire. We install smoke control systems in escape route stairwells and walkways that automatically open on detection of smoke when doors are opened which may be containing a fire.

As well as automated functions, AOV systems also have break glass units located in the same areas which are activated once the glass is broken. Following activation, window vents, roof vents and actuators allow smoke to escape and keep escape routes clear as a result.

All our engineers are vastly experienced in working with AOV systems and will ensure all smoke management systems meet current fire safety standards and regulations.

TopTech Fire & Security will conduct thorough testing of all smoke and heat evacuation vents to ensure that they open and close without issue in the event of a fire.

Arrange an installation service for AOV systems at your commercial building.

Benefits of AOV Systems

  • Decreased possibility of a flashover (fire spreading rapidly due to intense heat in the air)

  • Decreased smoke damage of a property

  • Increased visibility for the safe evacuation of a building

  • Smoke exits a building rather than being trapped in a confined space

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have my automatic opening vents tested?

    Yes, if you have an automatic opening vent system in your commercial or residential building it should be tested once a year to ensure that it is working properly.